Attorney David W. Wilcox Headshot

With an office only two blocks from the Manatee County Courthouse, I enjoy being in the heart of downtown and close to the river. It reminds me of how wonderful my community is and why I serve them.

Growing up, I always enjoyed taking part in my community. After graduating from high school, I attended university for a year before joining the Air Force - deciding to not wait for the draft. I served in both the US and Southeast Asia for four years as an electronics technician. After my service, I moved to Bradenton and returned to school.

Upon graduating from Florida State University College of Law, I served as the Governor's Attorney — Bob Graham — and since then have remained active in local, state, and national politics. I both understand and appreciate the role of politics in the local community, and I’m always happy to serve in any capacity possible.

With my business background, as the co-founder of MOR Music and Coast Bank of Florida, I have the first-hand experience that benefits my clients who are looking to make business investments and make business-related decisions big or small.

With the complexities of today’s world, it’s hard to make sure people are treated fairly without the help of legal counsel and representation.

Areas Of Expertise

Throughout my practice, I have honed in on the areas of law that focus on finances and investments. Focusing on these specific areas of law gives me the expertise to help you with the following:

  • Business Law

  • Entertainment Law

  • Contract Law

  • Estate Planning & Probate Law

  • Real Estate Law

Alongside my expertise in these areas is my experience as a mediator. The knowledge I gain through mediation gives my clients exacting counsel and advice going into mediation.

Litigation and its role in my practice.

Though agreements and solutions can be settled outside of court and often should be to get the most for the client, that is not always possible.

There are times when litigation is necessary to pursue the best outcome or highest profit in your case, but that decision is yours and I will go in the direction you want to take. I will always offer my counsel and experience to you, but the decisions about your cases are ultimately your own and I respect that.

Whatever you’re facing, there is a solution that will bring resolution. Put my experience and expertise to work for you so I can build the strongest case possible and pursue the best outcome for your case. You deserve an attorney that cares about your case the way I will. You are part of the community I serve. So let me serve you.

Junior League of Manatee County's 2018-2019 Community Partner of the Year Award David W. Wilcox Award